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I'm living in a world of goldfish. by Werti-calism
Situation by ViaEstelar
Sherlock and Watson (Exercise) by Bi-BiMichel
the picnic by kennichka
General Canon
Sherlock Holmes, the great detective by Ephaistien
Music for you, my dear Watson! by Ephaistien
Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson by Ephaistien
A Timeless Classic by Akkanash
Basil Rathbone and Early Actors Pre-1980
Sherlock Holmes (Peter Cushing) by Pidimoro
convention sketch 21 Sherlock Holmes by DennisBudd
Sherlock Holmes by Pidimoro
Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes Sketch Cards 1 by Bowthorpe
Russian - Vasily Livanov
Solving Crimes by Runole
The Hound of the Baskervilles by Ixentrick
On-the-Moor by Ixentrick
Sir Henry by Ixentrick
Granada - Jeremy Brett
Off to violin-land by MissAway
Sherlock Holmes (Jeremy Brett) by MissAway
Inktober2016 Mr Sherlock Holmes by ani110
Whatever The Weather by OorusevenFiibaa7777
The Great Mouse Detective, Other Animations
Sherlock, The Great Mouse Detecive by Orchideacae
TGMD - Glorious Basil WIP 2 by Yaraffinity
A Study in Basil by Alexbee1236
What On Earth Are You Doing In This Den? by BradyMajor
Various Actors Post-1980
Mr. Holmes - Ian Mckellen by pastellZHQ
Portrait - Holmes And Watson by YooMin-Hee-Portraits
Fav action heroes - Watson by MigraineSky
just letting the cat out by Windmaedchen
BBC - Benedict Cumberbatch
shadow by WuLiao-Yuzi
A Dark Sherlock by Galinaxsim
John? by DitaDiPolvere
John Watson (Martin Freeman) by orange129
AU and Crossovers
Murder investigation by eldar-haltiamieli
Street Lights by Runole
Bokeh by MissEvalyn
coming to get you  by Sarah261109
A pieceful brotherly moment by sleepingFrog
Did you miss me? by modestlobster
Genderbent Sherlock and Watson Cosplay by Storming777
Mindpalace. by TheMaraudersProngs
Past Contest Entries
why so angry? by s-u-w-i

Random from Featured

The Favourites Gallery has two primary purposes:

1. To collect artwork for which I'm unable to contact the artist (as when the artist has been on hiatus from DA).

2. To collect work which shows an admirable concept, but which is not quite up to our technical standards.



:iconwatson-fc: Watson-FC :icongeek-universe: Geek-Universe Come to the Geek Side! :icondiogenes-club: Diogenes-Club He IS the British government :iconmodernsherlock-fc: ModernSherlock-FC :iconholmesbrothers: holmesbrothers sherlock mycroft holmescest :iconmythea-lovers: Mythea-Lovers :iconspecial-groups: Special-Groups Art Gallery for all-Groups G. :iconsherlockcrossovers: SherlockCrossovers :iconbbcdrama-fanclub: BBCDrama-Fanclub BBC is the place to be x :iconall-about-sherlock: All-About-Sherlock :iconthenocturnalgame: TheNocturnalGame :iconsherlockiansunited: SherlockiansUnited Fans of BBC Sherlock united :iconsuperwholockians: SuperWhoLockians :iconsherlock--x--watson: Sherlock--x--Watson Sherlock x Watson :iconlove-sherlock-holmes: Love-Sherlock-Holmes :iconbbc-3: BBC-3 :iconsherlock-holmes-acd: Sherlock-Holmes-ACD :iconsherlock-n-molly-fc: Sherlock-n-Molly-FC Crazy Man and Smart Girl :iconsherlock-spn-tvd: SHERLOCK-SPN-TVD Sherlock, SPN, TVD, TW, Merlin :iconsherlockholmes38: SherlockHolmes38 For all lovers of SherlockHolmes :iconmycroftlove: MycroftLove Mycroft needs love too! :iconsherlock-slash: Sherlock-Slash For Your Deducing Seduction :iconx221b-tardisx: x221B-TARDISx TheDoctor and TheDetective :iconthegamesafoot: TheGamesAfoot It's elementary! :icondeutschedichter: DeutscheDichter Alle Texte sind Willkommen! :iconmoriarty-fc: Moriarty-fc I gave you my number~! :iconbritishcomedy: BritishComedy It's... :iconwelcometothefandom: WelcomeToTheFandom ANY FANDOMS WELCOME!!!! :iconbbc-sherlock: BBC-Sherlock 21st Century Sherlock


:sherlock: Don't be a fool; read the rules!

Our Objective:
To be a group for Sherlock Holmes fan art displaying high technical skill and originality.

We Accept:
#-Any 'universe', from canon to Brett to BBC to The Great Mouse Detective, and beyond!
#-Any subject matter: gen, slash, het, genderswap, comics, other
#-Any medium, traditional or digital (except written works)
#-Any rating, G to NC-17
#-Sketches displaying impressive technical ability
#-Images of Holmes, Watson, canon characters, notable locations from the stories

We DON'T Accept:
#-Anything from the Literature category
#-Traced work
#-Poorly scanned/presented work of any quality
#-Works in progress (except as mentioned above)
#-Images of actors not in character
#-Original characters if not accompanied by a canon character
#-Anything submitted to the wrong folder

Criteria For Acceptance:
#-Work must show mastery of chosen medium
#-Work must be either in a mature, well-developed personal style, or convincingly realistic (e.g. correct anatomy)
#-Originality is highly valued and will improve a piece's chance of acceptance
#-Work must be well-presented; scanned or photographed well and edited/cropped as necessary for optimal viewing.

#-Just because we accepted one of your pieces does not mean we will accept all of your work.
#-If your work is not accepted, we can provide a reason/critique, if you like, but will not automatically provide one.
#-You may leave a comment on the group's page asking us to review your gallery, and we will take a look and make submission requests for artwork that meets our criteria.
#-This is a hobby project and submissions will not necessarily be reviewed quickly. If your submission expires without a decision, please submit again.
#-Originality alone is, unfortunately, not enough to warrant inclusion of a piece. There are many pieces we would like to include, which are based on very good ideas, but which are poorly executed. These will be added to Favourites, rather than the main gallery.

Any questions? Just ask! :)



Time to celebrate! :D
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